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Posted: October 5, 2021 | Author: maintenance@attractor.com.au

RN Communications is a one stop shop for all your technology needs (think mobile phones, laptops and tablets). If you own any one of these items, then chances are you’ve probably met store manager Shane (hands up if you’re a return customer for a cracked screen repair?!). Operating in Figtree Grove for six years, the store has become the go-to destination for repairs and accessories likes cases and screen protectors.

Store manager Shane has worked at RN Communications for five years and counting. Shane doesn’t live locally, although he says that he can’t go past Wollongong’s beautiful beaches and delicious food. And one of his favourite NRL teams is the St George Illawarra Dragons (so he’s counted as a local in our eyes!). For Shane, the problem solving required to fix phones is what he enjoys most about working at RN Communications. The best sellers in store right now are accessories for the newly released Samsung phone and Apple iPhone. A firm favourite amongst customers is also the range of MacBook cases available.

A new service has recently been introduced to the store called micro soldering. New equipment has been purchased to allow the team to do this type of repair, which is the replacement of small chips on the motherboard. The microscope has to be zoomed in 30 times just to be able to view the tiny chips. It’s a challenging repair, but one that Shane and the team really enjoy doing.

If you’ve broken one of your all-important devices or if you’re in need of an accessory update, pop into see the experienced team at RN Communications. Located next to Kmart.