Large Surface Pour Workshop at Hobbysew

13 October 2019 (Expired)

In this workshop you will learn all the theory and technical skills required to create a large scale acrylic pour. Students will be taught the process, unique technique and science behind the exciting cutting edge 'free flow’ acrylic medium. In a fun, supportive and creative environment students will learn to vibrantly express themselves in the abstract realm. Key compositional skills such as the use of colour, balance, positive and negative space are taught to students, under the experienced guide of a professional Artist.

The workshop will start with an introduction to the medium covering the painting basics, composition and colour theory, accompanied by an information booklet. After the introduction, a series of demonstrations will be conducted explaining step by step the practical techniques required to create each unique effect. The effects include, creating cells, blowing, tilting, dipping, dirty pours and blow torching. All painting techniques are explained in the booklet for students to take home.

Students will paint two canvases during the workshop, one small size practice canvas and one large 50cm round canvas.

Advanced theory in pigment weights, densities and the importance of transparencies are explained. In this workshop a student will learn how to troubleshoot their pours and learn the fine points of creating cells and control in their work.

The result is breathtaking, unique artworks that are both artistically striking and finished with a high level of quality!

All materials are included in the price of the workshop, these include:

The Workshop has a capacity of 10 students with an experienced teacher to ensure a high level of attention to detail and instruction.

Once your artwork is completed it requires a 72 hour drying time, work can be collected from the store.

Bookings need to be made through the store by calling 4229 8188 or pop into the store.

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