Faces of Figtree: Bill from Moe & Co.

Welcome back to our new series, the Faces of Figtree.  We’ll chat with a different retailer each week and get a glimpse inside their business, why they do what they do and what they love about being part of the Figtree Grove “family”.  

This week, we caught up with Bill Hammoud, the director of Moe & Co.

Tell us about your journey as a part of Moe & Co.

Our journey in the store and being part of the Centre has been amazing!  We are in a location surrounded by other retailers who all support each other and everyone knows each other on a first name basis.  We have truly become a part of the greater community at Figtree Grove!

What products or services do you offer?

At Moe & Co Figtree, we offer hairdressing and barber services and also sell a wide range of products to help keep your hair looking amazing between visits to the salon.

What’s a customer favourite?

Our customers love our customised colour treatments and skin fade haircuts.

What do you do/sell that customers may not know about?

None - I think our customers are well aware of our services as our industry is quite tailored.

What has been a highlight for your store at Figtree Grove?

Our customers! They are loyal and we think of them as part of the Moe & Co. family.

Tell us about your team.

The team at Moe & Co. are all part of the Moe & Co. family.  This means we are a fun, friendly bunch and always willing to have a conversation with our patrons.  Every customer always has a very unique back story and so do our team!

What’s the key to success in retail?

When you’re not in the store, where might be find you, or what might you be doing in your down time?

Finding the next trend in hairdressing or better products to recommend to our clients. Every client is different and has different requirements so the more we can do for them, the better!


You can find Moe & Co. located between Subway and the travellator, operating seven days a week, the team are available for all your hair needs!

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