Faces of Figtree: Vincent from Juiced Life

Welcome back to our Faces of Figtree series where chat with a different retailer each week and get a glimpse inside their business, why they do what they do and what they love about being part of the Figtree Grove “family”. 

This week, we caught up with Vincent, the director of Juiced Life Figtree Grove.

Tell us about your journey as a part of Juiced Life.

Juiced Life Figtree opened in November of 2018, with hopes to provide a fresh, healthy option for everyone.  Two years on and we have gotten to know so many people, may that be our awesome regulars, the lovely staff within the centre or just the occasional shoppers.

What products or services do you offer?

We make a wide variety of fresh juices, smoothies and meals, as well as wellness shots, protein balls and so much more!  But that’s not all, we also offer an extensive range of juice cleanses made fresh in store to help you feel your absolute best!  We also encourage our customers to join our loyalty program which sees you earn rewards dollars off future purchases in store. 

What’s a customer favourite?

We have a variety of customer favourites, depending on what they’re after.  These include:

Our customers also love our Fresh Start Cleanse Pack, which is a 1-, 3- or 5-day cleanse with lower fructose juices and smoothies to supply all your daily macronutrients.

What do you do/sell that customers may not know about?

Our customers may not know that we sell a large variety of Juice Cleanse packs, which you can check out on our website.  We also accept all over the phone orders, so you can skip the queue and pick it up as you go past.  Another surprising thing we sell are our Acai, Matcha and Dragon-fruit bowls. Each packed with flavour and topped with granola, coconut and fruit.

What has been a highlight for your store at Figtree Grove?

The biggest highlight of our store is that none of our products contain any added sugars or preservatives, which we pride ourselves on as we know we are providing customers with much healthier, wholesome options that they can feel good about purchasing.  Plus, everything is so tasty that you won’t even miss all those nasty additives anyway!  Our menu is all designed by a qualified nutritionist, so each juice has its own purpose, which can make choosing the right juice for you a breeze!

Tell us about your team.

Our team is comprised of a small but passionate group of people, who want to provide our customers with the friendliest service, the healthiest options possible as well as answering any questions to ensure the ingredients you choose are best for you.  We also have team members that work for the Juiced Life head office, such as our nutritionist Fiona, who can provide options and customized our products to ensure everybody can enjoy what we have to offer.

What’s the key to success in retail?

The key to success in retail is to provide customers with a positive experience and making sure everyone feels welcome and to cater for each individual’s specific needs.

When you’re not in the store, where might be find you, or what might you be doing in your down time?

If I’m not in the store, you’ll find me studying online courses on E-business and supply chains.


Pop in and see Vincent and the team at Juiced Life for a fresh juice or smoothie.  You’ll be feeling your best in no time!

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