How to keep the kids occupied these school holidays

  1. Get outdoors!  The Illawarra is lucky to have access to some of the most beautiful beaches and national parks in the country.  Sometimes we forget to explore what’s in our own backyard.  Whether it’s a trip down to the Kiama blowhole or a bushwalk at Macquarie Pass National Park, there are countless opportunities to get up close and personal with nature before the cool weather sets in.
  2. Cook up a storm.  Get the kids helping out in the kitchen and cook some healthy treats.  Try this yummy recipe for Raspberry Smoothie Bliss Balls, courtesy of Coles.

    Process ¾ cup (105g) slighty thawed frozen raspberries, 1 cup (90g) rolled oats, ¾ cup (60g) shredded coconut, ¼ cup (60g) coconut oil and 1 tbs sunflower seeds in a food processor until almost smooth and well combined.Roll 2-tbs portions of the raspberry mixture into balls.Place on a lined tray in the fridge for 1 hour or until set.Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 week.

    If you’re after further healthy inspiration in the kitchen look no further than Figtree Organics.

  3. Experience the Peter Rabbit craze.  Hop into Figtree Grove in the second week of the school holidays and experience the Peter Rabbit™ activity zone.  There’ll also be a chance to meet the much-loved characters.  You’ll find the activity zone near the Concierge Desk, open from 10.30am until 1pm daily Monday 23 April – Saturday 28 April (with the exception of ANZAC Day, Wednesday 25 April). 
  4. Keep curious minds active.  Defeat boredom and pick up one of the interactive science experiment kits available at Kmart.  They have everything from Dinosaur Excavation Kits to Build Your Own Solar House.  There’s no better way to keep little brains active while they’re away from school.
  5. Go camping – without all the packing!  Grab a bargain tent from Kmart and set it up in the backyard for the night.  Set up a laptop or tablet on a stand or small table, ready to watch the kids’ favourite movies. Cook some popcorn, pack some midnight snacks and enjoy a movie night camp out.  If you don’t have space in the backyard or the weather isn’t looking good, then set the tent up in the loungeroom and let their imaginations run wild.
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