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Take the Dad Gift Quiz!

Posted: August 22, 2023 | Author: Figtree Grove
What kind of Dad are you shopping for this Father’s Day? 

Answer five simple questions to get your individual mini gift guide to help you find the ultimate gift for your dad.

Question 1: What does your Dad do in his spare time?
A) My Dad likes to relax by watching a TV series or his favourite sports team
My Dad is busy roasting noobs in the gaming sphere.
C) My Dad is busy roasting on his BBQ 3,000.
D) My Dad tries to fix things even when they’re not broken.
E) My Dad likes any excuse to dress up.
F) Relax and unwind with a massage or some personal care.
G) None of the above.

Question 2: What kind of cook is Dad?
A) Snags on the ‘Barbie’ on game day or a TV dinner.
Snacks from the servo that can be opened with one hand so he can keep gaming.
C) The outdoor chef i.e. The BBQ as one of my siblings.
D) A very elaborate DIY stove that is greater than the food.
E) He’d rather go out to a nice restaurant for a meal.
F) Health-conscious meals that make you feel good inside and out
G) None of the above.

Question 3: What’s Dad’s Favourite Outfit
A) Something comfy for lounging around the house.
B) A t-shirt with a corny Dad Joke on it.
C) An apron that says “Chef’s Kiss”.
D) High-vis workwear and work boots with a little dirt on them.
E) Smart casual look with a nice cologne.
F) Activewear.
G) None of the above.

Question 4: How would you describe your Dad’s facial Hair?
A) Low maintenance look beard or clean shaven nothing fancy.
B) Smells like the Star Wars soap bar we bought him for Christmas.
C) Smells like homemade BBQ sauce marinade.
D) The beard has its own ecosystem with bits of sawdust, motor oil and grass clippings.
E) Manscaping is his second language.
F) Smells like the gym.
G) My Dad doesn’t have facial hair.

Question 5: Dad’s favourite thing to watch on TV
A) Anything and everything, he’s watched a lot.
B) He’s not just watching he’s gaming.
C) Cooking shows or documentaries about brewing beer.
D) Home improvement shows.
E) Shows with well-dressed gentlemen think Mad Men or Peaky Blinders.
F) None of these/doesn’t watch TV.

The results are in… tally the answers with the highest letter.

Creature Comforts Dad (Mostly A’s)

Your Dad knows comfort like no one else. His love language comes in the form of slides, an oversized hoody or a cosy blanket. Let Dad out his feet up this Father’s Day with these cosy gift ideas.

League & Legends | Mug and Socks Set $19.95
Neglected Society | Lacoste Slides $80
Lowes | Larger pj’s set $59.90
Woolworths | Father’s Day Toblerone $12
EB Games | Pokemon Blanket $39
Williams | Colorado Slippers $40

Gaming Dad (Mostly B’s)

Did you know one-fifth of all gamers are Dads? Your Dad certainly does! Help your dad get his ultimate game on with a gift that reminds him of everything he loves.

Lowes | Bear Slippers $39.95
Woolworths | Golf Mug $10
EB Games | Millennium Falcon Desk Light $80
EB Games | Turtle Beach Headphones $49.95
EB Games | Starfield Ltd Edition Controller $109.95
Hobbysew | Marvel Diamond Dots $20
EB Games | Baby Yoda Squishmallow $29
Prouds | Dragon Wrap Ring $699

Foodie Dad (Mostly C’s)

The best way to melt his heart is through his stomach. Gifts that come in the form of raw ingredients or remind him of his love of food are best for the Foodie Dad.

Neglected Society | Deli T-shirt $59.95
Mister Minit | Dad Beer Stein $89.95
Lowes | Hot Dog Slippers $39.95
Woolworths | Portable Grill $107
Coles | Terry Tea Towels $12
Seafood Brothers | Tiger Prawns $35 per kilo

Handy Dad (Mostly D’s)

Your dad definitely loves a good fixer-upper or DIY project. Keep dad safe and ready to problem solve any task with these tradie staples.

Lowes | Crew Work Socks $29.95
RN Communications | Otter Outdoor Phone Case $100
Woolworths | Cyclone Work Gloves $24.30
Mister Minit | Leatherman Multi-tool $349.95
The Reject Shop | Anti-fatigue Mat $25
Natural Fit Footwear | New Balance Boots $161.97
Prouds | G-Shock Watch $199

Dapper Dads (Mostly E’s)

A Dapper Dad likes fine dining and even finer fashion! Spoil Dad with something unique or classy gifts that make him feel truly Dapper. 🧐

Priceline | Armani Cologne $175
Strand | Leather Wallet + Belt set $79.99
Lowes | Japanese Wave Shirt $49.95
Neglected Society | Black Nixon Watch $299.99
Priceline | Beard Oil $33
Williams | Colorado Leather Lace Up Boots $129.95
Hairhouse Warehouse | Lawn Mower 4.0 $119.99

Active Dad (Mostly F’s)

Your Dad likes to be out and about and ready for anything. Items that help him to keep on the go are best for the Active Dad.

Neglected Society | Empire Duffle Bag $59.99
Unique Jewellers | Diesel 3 Bar Watch $666.10
Blooms Chemist | Plant-Based Protein $41.99
League & Legends | Supporter Drink Bottle $19.95
George & Matilda for Figtree Eyecare | Nike Sunglasses $269
Natural Fit Footwear | Saucony Running Shoes $91
Lowes | Sports Sock $7.95
Kmart | Training Dice $10

Gift Card Dad (Mostly G’s)

There’s no shame in letting Dad decide what he wants this year. He’s likely to know what he wants better than anyone. Figtree Grove Gift Card cards start from $5 and are valid in centre where Eftpos is available. Visit our concierge desk or order online here.

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