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Illawarra’s First Tesla Supercharger Stations

Posted: January 11, 2023 | Author: Figtree Grove

We are excited to announce that Figtree Grove Shopping Centre is a new charging site in the Tesla Supercharger network.

The Tesla Supercharger stations are located in car park near MyCar.

The new Tesla Superchargers help Tesla drivers stay charged anywhere. So next time you’re in Wollongong stop, recharge and enjoy convenient shopping with over 80 retailers including Woolworths, Coles and Kmart.

The ongoing expansion of the network will ensure that Tesla owners in the Wollongong area are able to quickly and easily charge their vehicles when they’re not charging at home or work.

Please visit tesla.com/supercharger to learn more about Tesla’s Supercharger network and Figtree Grove to see the new Supercharger station in action.

For any enquiries relating to the Tesla superchargers please contact the Tesla Helpline: 1800 646 952.



How many charging stations does the Centre have?
There are six Tesla Superchargers and two universal vehicle chargers located at Figtree Grove.

Where are the electric vehicle charging stations located?
The charging stations are located in the car park near MyCar. Best access is off The Avenue, Kmart entrance (see map above).

What hours are the charging stations available?
All charging stations are available 24/7 to customers.

Do Supercharger posts support all connector types?
This pilot is only accessible for CCS-enabled vehicles. If a Supercharger post has two cables, non-Tesla cars can only charge with the CCS connector. Tesla is unable to accommodate vehicles that do not fully comply with CCS communication and safety protocols. If you encounter any issues while charging your vehicle, reach out to Tesla Customer Support (1800 646 952) or your vehicle manufacturer.

Do I need to bring my own cable?
If you are using one of the six superchargers you do not need to provide a cable, however the standard electric vehicle charging stations are BYO cable. Different model cars may also require an adaptor for the Tesla supercharger stations.

How much does it cost to charge your vehicle?
Our electric vehicle charging stations are complimentary for customers to use however standard fees may apply via Tesla and other EV applications dependant on your vehicle. Visit: Tesla.com.au

How long can I charge my vehicle?
Customers are welcome to use the charging stations for as long as they wish. The six superchargers are capable of recharging a vehicle up to 275km in 15 minutes whereas the two standard EV chargers take approximately 4 hours.

What types of vehicles can use the charging stations?
Tesla Superchargers: This pilot is only accessible for CCS-enabled vehicles. If a Supercharger post has two cables, non-Tesla cars can only charge with the CCS connector.
EV Standard Chargers: Have Type Two connectors on the units and should only be used by compatible vehicles.

Do I need to register my details anywhere?
Tesla Superchargers: Download the Tesla App linked here.
EV Standard Chargers: No need to register your details anywhere, our charging stations are free for you to use without having to download any apps.

The charging station won’t work for me, who can help?
Tesla Superchargers: please contact the Tesla Helpline: 1800 646 952.
EV Standard Chargers: Please see the staff at the Concierge desk during trading hours, located just inside the entrance closest to the EV charging stations or call 02 4298 9600.

Have you been “ICEd” a.k.a parked in by a non-electric vehicle?
Standard hours: Please visit our concierge desk | After hours: please call 02 4298 9600.

For more information on getting here general parking information visit: https://figtreegrove.com.au/getting-here/